Friday, October 4, 2013

Episode 14: A little snippet of sounds: thats all

today I want you to understand more of life as Sister Lamoreaux and Powell. so I am taking you into a day of sounds in my shoes:) outloud.
some sounds that arent as remembered, but what make each day unique.
alarm buzz snoozing and snoozing to slowly wake sleepy sisters---rain flowing the streets tapping the windows and tin garage roofs---sock covered feet, tapping the wood floors, running back and forth//jumping up and down---teapot click, steam, and water boiling---magnets clicking together as nametag is attached---zip of the winter boots---sweet silence during morning prayer and study---scripture pages flipping---two suprano voices singing Ukrainian hymns---tram tracks rolilng and metal meeting---pens clicking---airplanes flying and cars zooming---travelers yelling "на остоновки" to get out of the bus---american music humming, escaping headphones---roar of marshrutka engine, squeeky brakes and air hiss&clatter of doors opening and closing---plastic bags rustling---chestnuts falling---silly dogs barking at car tires passing---veggies grilling and sizzling to grumbling tummies---turn of the lock to open church doors---"Девушки"---blessings and love from sweet Ukrainian бабушки---silly american girls giggling---ding of the doorbell---"два пожайлуста"---доброе день shared with strangers---classic ring of someone calling---English voice announcing "Next stop is Gnata Yuri"---beep of the magnet and apartment door opening/swivel of the second lock/two clicks and turns of the third lock and repeated again to lock it behind us---tick of the clock as another day is past
I love you all so much I could just die. I am working on quite an inspiring number. I have been here a whole transfer! I have seen FOUR BAPTISM!!! met the most inspiring people in the world. I drink 5 cups of tea a day. I wish I could read my scriptures all day. I have given 2 talks. WHAT??!?! thats four total for my life. I should be off the computer right now . I love you all. I miss you. I GET TO STAY WITH MY TRAINER! same area by the temple. I am the happiest person alive.
I am serving the best mission that ever exsistended.
HOMEWORK: please read 'Our Resoponsibilty to rescue' by the prophet! Thank you and have a nice day. we will talk about that next week!
with haste and love and work and happy
sister powell 

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