Friday, November 15, 2013

Episode 20: "The time we shared"

hahahaha. funny story. as we looked for a little something called an internet cafe (that is where I am right now typing these words to you all) We found this sketch little place. No name to identify itself just darkened windows right by the grocery store we were told this "internet cafe would be. We walk in to see a dark room. (mood lighting) :) and many computers. It smells of smoke and appears much like a ghetto version of reno. with computers set up. OHHHH PERFECT :) we have found it. We just walk in the smiliest little sisters--- I see two men, gambling online. Thought nothing of it. We walk right up to the man in charge and tell him that we would like to use the internet..... "your in the wrong place" ---- well how is that possible. it fit the description. Just has a bit more fungshway than I had imagined. hahaahahahah TURNS OUT. we were in a casino. and CERTAINLY did not belong there. :) 


This week brings about great change for this little lady. My training is through, and swiftly I become a little something like a trainer. I will have with me a "mini missionary" Who is a native. She only speaks Russian and I am thinking my life could get a little interesting. Our mission has a rule of speaking only russian for 9am to 9pm. (I may not be the best at it) So I have decided this native companion is punishment for my disobedience :) hahahah. just kidding. It is really just such an incredible opportunity to GROW UP and to learn the Russian!!!!! 

I think now, if I have not already--- would be a wonderful opportunity to talk about Sister Lamoreaux my trainer and the incredible two transfers we have had working in the Borshakivski Kiev Ukraine area together. We have the largest ward in Eastern Europe, the temple, and the pioneers of eastern europe to work with here. How blessed are we. 

I feel like I have found myself on the other side of the world-- not meaning what you might thing because what I mean is--- sister lamoreaux is ME in perfect missionary form. We love all of the same things. We take joy in all the little things that make the difficulties of missionary work possible. got our hands on a guitar and were the "happiest humans" We eat cabbage together for every meal. giggle and laugh as we find ourselves sardine canned on the ukranian buses. Following ladies who are dropping potatoes leaving a trail behind them, in attempts to return them. holding all the kitties that ever exsisted in the world.  Practicing yelling for the bus driver to open the back door in case of emergency. dropping our cupcake gifts straight to the floor and deeming them yet still giftable. getting crazy by drinking expired yogart! weeding gardens til we are so soar we cant walk,.we even got asked out on our first Ukranian date! COOKING :) terrible attempts at Ukranian local dishes. Dont look so hot, taste GREAT! actually we eat gourmet. so much fruits and veggies. we loooove Love fruit so much our hearts could pop and ------ MOST OF ALL. we both know exactly why we are here; to love people. I have learned so much from her about what a real good missionary is. Someone who is just REAL. just normal but here to do all they can to lift another person in any way imaginable. 

Yesterday we made a delicious cake. It is called magic cake or somethign life that. for my favorite less active. Her birthday is June and said once that no one ever remembers her birthday. That doesnt happen in my world!!!! We all know how much I love birthdays! but I testify to you all HALF BIRTHDAYS ARE REAL :) and Anja was the happiest person that ever exsisted. hahaha so  you unbelievers of half birthdays. (you know who you are) just try and tell that to anja! hahah. 

This change is going to be the hardest thing I have done yet. Sister Lamoreaux (lam-a-row) has been the keeper of the home that I live in --- Our home is the pit stop for all of the other missionaries as they come and go from the mission office. I will now be running my own person bed and breakfast in Ukraine if any of you are interested! haha 

I will continue to make breakfast for all the other sisters. Blow up air mattresses, make beds, fix tea, all the good things that any good bed and breakfaster might do! 

Anywho, a fun new responsibilty for me. Sister Lam has been here for 7 months and as she packs her bags I feel a little piece of me is leaving with her. a little piece of this area. everyone here loves her so much and I have got some worn out missionary shoes to fill. People to love and to remember. Pray for me. 

I am now responsible for the biggest area in our mission. Teaching 3 new sisters that will be coming in all that I have learned in the past two transfers. I have been soaking in all that I can. Names (it is strange how difficult foreign names are too remember- no one can remember ours and I am struggling at something that I was always so good at (names) ). soaking in bus routes, a whole new language, teaching lessons, remember life stories, potential investigators, short cuts, trambi's, metro stops, stores stops, words, phrases, children, so much. 

My mind has been so filled with inflow of information and now is the time to share what I have learned with 3 sisters I have never met before. 

There is so much work to be done. There is something for everyone to do. I cannot do it alone.

“The Lord knows us. He knows we have our challenges. I realize that some of you may 
feel heavy laden, but I pray that none of you would ever feel that reaching out in normal, 
pleasant ways to share the gospel would ever be a burden. Rather, it is a privilege!” 

“It is impossible for us to fail when we do our best when we are on the Lord’s errand. While 
the outcome is a result of the exercise of one’s agency, sharing the gospel is our 

Just gonna have to internalize those little numbers. 

I am so grateful for the training that I have had. Sister Lamoreaux was the answer to my past year of prayers. I know that the lord has had a hand on the two of us being together at this time. We come from the very same city on the other side of the world and met in Ukraine to take part in miracles. We have seen 4 baptisms together, and loving every Ukranian human that we set our eyes on. I love sister Lamoreaux and I am so thankful to my heavenly father for being so merciful to a little Sister Powell. Offering her the best that Ukraine has to offer. 

The work is mighty big. I must be off. 

Love you to death

Sister Powell 

As promised a little tasty snippet from Halloween. 

From my journal October 31 2013 

As we approached our surprise lesson. 7 pm and darkness had absolutely closed in. warm-hot brownies we had just made during dinner in my now hot hand. we had smelled up that whole marshootka with our goodies. As we start our journey to a home I know nothing about I soon realize we are about to hike throgh the forest! ON HALLOWEEN. It is dark, I am tripping it was silent Yet there was comotion enough to stifle our screams My imagination coupled with the moment at hand, and the fact that it was HALLOWEEN my little heart was about to explode from the terror. Dark forest, strange country two little russian wanna-be's. possibly lost. darkness. train tracks. strange men. no idea where my destination is, not sure how to correctly scream "HELP" in Russian. Fit for a horror movie.
I am going to die. I submitted myself to death in that moment. 

Flash forward five minutes and we arive at a cozy mansion in the forest! A home that does not belong to the country that I THOUGHT I was in. A REAL LIFE UKRANIAN MANSION. real wood, large,,cozy. made by the hands of the pilot family that lived there. Mosiac swimming pool in the basement Cozy delicious! WHERE AM I ? People come flooding in. Some english hellos. 

My halloween nightmare takes a ukranian thanksgiving twist! with a giant wooden table filled with a ukranian feast!!! 

Special day. And lets not get hasty about worrying about my safety. I have since learned how to scream for help. Know how to speed dial my president. AND the crime rate is incredibly low. I just hope this work does justice to the keen imagination that I have. 

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