Monday, December 2, 2013

Episode 21: Changes in the wind--- the wind that is getting pretty cold :) buckle down it is winter time.

My dearest loved and precious ones. I JUST BOUGHT SOME BOOTS!

I find myself in a local post office with a computer that does not
really work so well. Internet is slow and in result time is short.

It has been a week! a week of change. big change in responsibility.
companions. life. language. understanding. growth. I am practically a
trainer now. Except the soul I have been entrusted with knows the
language better than me (she is native and on a mini mission) (she
will just serve with me for this transfer and return home) BLESSINGS!
I am going to know Russian we'll I will melt hearts.

CHANGES>>>> this week my precious sister lamoreaux left me. I will
always cherish the time that I had with her more than i could ever
express. Sometimes i feel like it is all a dream and one day i will
wake up and she will be right back with me serving -- in her bed that
I now sleep in. together again enjoying every little Ukrainian moment
together. I have found my souls twin on the other side of the world.
we saw miracles. We cooked vegetables. talked to everyone. Warmed
hearts, laughed lots. everyday the best of my life. really. I had the
best trainer in the world. With her a little piece of me left. and
whatever has filled in the void has made me stronger.

We were so similar and with her absence I can now see what I have to
offer. I go forward with more purpose. I know why I am here. it was
hard to see who i was and what I had to offer when i was here with my
sister lamoreaux. Trying to do all that she did but just not quite as
good. (she has got the seniority thing on me) :) As I work with a new
companion I am better able to see what I can bring to the table. The
difference that I can make in the lives around me.

I am learning my very own virtue of patience!!! Jessica's PASHENCE
Powell is being tested right now. I am grateful for this. I am
learning life lessons that are priceless. Blessed. Grateful.

It is incredible the changes that can come with the simplicity of gratitude.

of course you will be hearing from me more about gratitude seeing as
it is the season. :) I just hope that this is something I can really
adorn my life with. (not just this time of year) BECAUSE

"A grateful person is rich in contentment." I think that is something
we all need a reminder of every once in a while.

I love this.

I love you.

Sister Powell

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