Monday, January 27, 2014

Episode 30: Just Business.

One year left! On my birthday......... I will return 2015.
I have a tunnel year. This is unique for amongst sisters servers! I get to be here the entire year of 2014. It made setting new years goals really interesting and enriching in a different kind of way. Very spiritual goals - unlike any other time in my little life.
It has been a really special week for me. This week I got to go on a little baby miracle exchange with my trainer Sister Lamoreaux- She served in the area that I have been in for the past 5 months for 7 months! We were able to have a lesson together. Reunited :) it feels so good!! haha. I learned how to make my two favorite Ukranian dishes with my two favorite members! DREAMS come true!

Being with Sister Lamoreaux warmed my soul. As Sister Leavitt (in my district) would say. "We are kindred." Everything seems to come alive in the most magical way when we are on the Ukranian streets together.
I have realized the importance for me to find someone in my life who is going to treasure all the little things with me. How the clouds look like cotton candy today. The *glop*Slush*smoosh* sounds that Banana bread makes as you mix it. (Carissa :) ) Free standing on a sardine canned bus ride no need for something to hold onto cause you are suspended by those around you, How if I go jogging in my caprees I instantly become a menace to society because I going to freeze to death. The list goes on and onnnnnn. maybe next week I will compile a list of the things that make me SOOOOO happy! Yep that is it.
. There is something about every little moment that we share together. I am so happy when there is someone by my side to just love EVERYTHING as much as I do.
That when things get ugly ---- there is always some little treasure joy of life that we can preocupie ourselves with. I want my life to be like this. (hahaha or I can just spend my life on a puppy farm with Whitney hahaha )
We had a confrence with a genereal authority. WOW. Words do not describe. President and Sister Lawrence of the area presidency are on a mission tour here. Things frighten me when they get all church business--- I was afraid they were here to knock some sense right into us.
Our conference yesterday was so enriching.
I have been thinking about how much I have learned and changed ... in my soul, in my personality, in my ways... I am very much the same person but things have changed a lot as for my general understanding and attitudes. Maybe most prominent ------ my desires. I want different things out of this life than I ever have before. Or maybe it is just that the things that I wanted out of life just seem all that more obtainable.
I have decided that I want to share just one of the simplest and greatest lessons I have learned thus far. It is plain. but something i am most grateful to have finally figured out.(to the best of any human childs abilities I suppose)
It is....... the simplicity. The pure goodness. The light. of the restored gospel. What "the gospel" really means. 
I came on a mission overwhelmed with the ideas I had internallized growing up in Utah. Overcomplicated and confused doctorines. Reasons, excuses, justifications, rules, beliefs. Some that I struggled to understand
What I have come to realize is the simplicity of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The root of all that we belief is 4 incredibly simple things
Faith in Jesus Christ
Baptism (covenants)
Enduring to the end.
And this should be the reason for everything that we do! To strengthen ourselves and those around us in these four things.Just four, nothing more.
This is why we do visiting teaching - to teach the doctorine!
This is why we come to church on Sunday- To nourish our faith in Christ and to help others to do the same.
This is why we read the scriptures, pray, all those primary things that get confused along are rickety little human paths of survival.I delight in plainess.
I looked up the meaning of
Gospel: A message of good news!
I am forever greatful for this message of hope. That the light and hope of this gospel has the power to change lives. I have seen it. It is plain. It is precious. and so much less complicated then our human minds like to make of it. As my testimony of the doctorine increases so does every other aspect. 

If you don't really know what I am talking about ... perhaps study it a little. Just the gospel and what that actually means.
I want to be that member that missionaries can count on for referrells because I am not going to be afraid to tell anyone who will listen about how happy I am because I have something to hope for! I have a reason to try more each day. That each time I do something stupid or rude I can just get up and try again. I can be the person that lifts the spirits of all those around me. Create the home that warms the soul of all those who enter. That when something goes terribly wrong when everything feels as though it has fallen to pieces. I can be grateful that I know one day it will get easier. That there is rest and peace that this mortal world can never provide.
My kindergarten testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is one of the best things that has ever happened to my life.
People at church are imperfect. They always will be. Doctorines will always be confused. Cultures will have an effect but NOW I know for myself the reasoning that I should have for all that I do, for all that I want to become. I am grateful for the example of my savior. A reason to try and be a little nicer. To serve another person. To forget myself a little more. Every tiny little step to becoming better. So simple. SO DIFFICULT, but so worth the effort.  

--------------------- Everything is safe here. Still serving by the temple. I expect changes soon. I am not sure how I feel about that. -------------------------------------------------------------------

I GOT TACOS LAST NIGHT. it was the best day of my life. I miss Mexican food almost as much as I miss my mom.

I will have some nice culture slices for you next time.

Sister Powell

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