Friday, April 18, 2014

Episode 41: Datcha dreams and mission collision.

Dobre Ootra! 

This week has been a delight. 

Full of unexpected treasures and changes. We are suppose to find out transfer information Saturday but seeing as our world as taken an unexpected twist ................
OUR MISSION HAS DOUBLED. I am not sure if many are aware but all the missionaries in Eastern Ukraine bordering Russia have been moved out. BIG DEAL. They have been reassigned to our mission. Near every apartment in our entire mission has been doubled or tripled in occupancy! (except mine :) haha our district up in our Chernigov world consist of 8 Elders and 2 Sisters. We have 35 active members. Some areas (my last area now has TWENTY MISSIONARIES) that is just madness!! 

THE BEST PART:::: MY entire MTC district has been reuninited. I am telling you I do not think I have loved a mass group more in my life then those elders and sisters that suffered with me the pain, fun, awkward, strange, adventurous MTC world together. I love them. AHHHHHHHH . I love them so much it has taken me 2 days to get over the emotions of excitement from seeing them and being back in my Borshakievski world again (my 1st area at the temple with sister neilseeeeeeeen!!!!!!) 

We all gathered at the mission office/temple site (both missions ... now one) for a conference after president returned from the America's and his time with the apostles! To bring us back, to try to make sense of the madness (missionaries just sent places by the inspiration of the assistance trying to handle a real situation on their own) We have so many missionaries our apartments are going to explode! haha. Too good! 

The conference was life changing for me. 

There is no way in words to express the reality of the call of our President to be in the 70. To explain the power of the testimony that he shared with us of the reality of Christ and his gospel. The fruits of this church and the sure evidence that this is the Lord's kingdom on the earth. I know it is true. I do. 

I am going to make some potentially pitiful attempt at sharing a smidge of the testimony I have grown since being here. 

I KNOW that this church is true. True and living now makes more sense to me than it ever has before. Living because it is run by Christ. and I need for everyone to understand that in a way that means so much more than the rote recitations of a testimony. I know that we have something special. That this church is literally led by Jesus Christ himself. That if they could say it... (the apostles) they would. That they have all seen Christ. That he is all in the business of the church. That he comes to these temples. That he knows.  That the stories are true. and that Heavenly Father is gathering his Isreal. He is keeping his word and he has reached out to us. That for some very purposeful reason we have all ended up here and now. Jesus is real. So are all the promises. President Monson is a Prophet of God. and if we follow. We will not go astray.  

For now I guess we are all going to have to trust President Klebingat who has very recently been in their presence. Saw the workings of this kingdom on earth. IT IS REAL. It is true. It is just true. 

It is such a big deal that the servants of the lord have been moved out from Eastern Ukraine. I think we all stand a little more grateful to be here. THIS IS REAL. That is all I can say about it.  

That the the lord is now fulfilling his purposes. and we get a little part. 

I am not sure it is coming our right and it just sounds more like a kindergartener attempt at sharing feelings. 

Sister Jessica

Life Highlight. I GOT TO WORK ON A DATCHA (A tiny Ukrainian home with a giant garden. These gardens suppliment food supply for the rest of the year. Almost everyone in Ukraine has a Datcha that was likely the home that they grew up in. They live in the city to work and go to the Datcha in the summer every weekend to make food for life.

Sister Tamara is the sweetest human being and we spent the day helping her and her husband plant potatoes. This just in... I am never coming home because I am moving to their datcha. Living in their little cement home and living off potatoes. because that is all I need to be happy. 

I will have a garden. one day. Where I will relive this best day of my life. everyday.  Planting potatoes. and onions. In the rain. In the sun. Eating borsh from filthy bowls with hands that touched manure all day! 

UKRAINIAN DREEEEEEEEEAMS!!!!!!!! I am the happiest! 

Chernigov is incredible. Our branch just grows and grows because these members know what a gift the gospel is in their life and they share it. We have many investigators and I just love it here. I love my family in Chernigov. 

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  1. Sister Powell, I love to read your letters. I love how brightly your testimony shines through each one. It radiates!!!! You and your family are always in our prayers. We love the gospel and we are now working with the less actives in the Spanish Ward in our own stake. They are so sweet and they also love the gospel. Some don't really understand a lot of it but they have no doubt that it is true.