Monday, March 31, 2014

Episode 40: Nuga BEST

My first full week in Chernigov. I am pretty sure this city is every missionaries dreeeeeam. Peaceful streets, friendly people. The best branch in the world. Lots of english treasures. The branch president and his wife speak dreamy english. They are young and are very likely the most dillegent and perfect human beings I have ever met. I love them so much already.... I have been here a week. That is steep!

Beautiful Chernigov

I am pretty sure I have just had the best 48 hours of my mission. Last night I got to meet Sister Tamara. She made us tiny pancakes and cracked open a jar of mystery juince and told us her life story. The woman already has my heart. We asked her if we could serve her in anyway and as she has requested (as she has of all the missionaries in the past 4 months) That we join her at  Nuga Best.

What is Nuga Best ?? Let me tell ya. A Korean health company, run by Ukranians. Belly shockers. feet mesagers. healthy asian medicine business. With mesage beds. 40 of them in a room. For the 60 humans 60+ years of age and the two little smiley American missionary girls.
FREE MESAGE :::: They give prizes to those who bring new friends. (that is how we are serving Tamara. being her guest) and getting mesages with her and all her friends. There is no better new friends that consistantly changing missionaries :)

So my morning was spent literally with 25 other 60+ (age) human beings. In the best service experience of my life :) haha.

Tradition. They line up every morning from 8-9 am to get a free 40 minute message in these special "helath" message beds. I seriously struggle for words to describe the joy in my heart amongst these aged people curing all sickness with free message beds.
Without fail Sister Tamara is there everyday! and I believe it works. because she is the happiest. bubbliest. most beautiful human being I have ever met. Love at first sight.
It is seriously the most beautiful thing to be in the homes of these people. To hear their life stories. To see their pictures and to be a witness to the pure, real, tangable joy that the gospel can bring.
Remember Sister Tamara. I am sure I am going to have a lot more to say about her. She has won me over in an instant. 

Well I have zero time. I have been informed that it is time to go. but atleast I got to share some joy in my life.

I love you all. I am safe. Don't worry for seconds. The worst thing happening in this girls worlds is my self induces pain from fear conquering. haha.

and parting words to my Sister Nielsen <3 BORSH SISTERS FOREVER> 

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