Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Episode 26: Miracles on Nata Yuri (that is my street)

Good GLORY. Merry. Christmas.
I GOT TO TALK TO MY FAMILY YESTERDAY! I love them. I miss them. They thought my Russian was pretty good. I was so happy to see so many faces. To hear the voices of those I love SO SO SO MUCH.

What a perfect day.

Filled with perfect little moments.
I am not only alive--- Living and kicking in Kiev Ukraine. Seeing the only temple in Eastern Europe EVERY SINGLE DAY. There is a manger scene that warms my soul. It is not a white Christmas.... but  I am safe. I am happy! I am staying away from large crowds!!!!!!! :) hehe. safe safe safe --- I am having the best Christmas of my life.
Today is such a special day! Me and 7 other missionaries get to go have Christmas dinner with our mission president! MIRRRRRACLES *sing it* MIIIIIIRRRRACLES!!!!!!  I hope there is Peanut butter :) hahahahaaha.

My day began with an early morning jog to the store across the street (the leaky kreshen-e-ya::::: it means the big pocket) to find some Ukranian like powedered sugar.  CHRISTMAS MIRACLE and in result the best homemade cinnamon rolls I have ever had. WITH 10 dollar (cream cheese) CREAM CHEESE FROSTING. hahaha living LARGE! Like all American's do.
We read Jesus the Christ, sang hymns. I am so grateful for Christmas time and what it is really about.
I am especially grateful for a family that always knew what Christmas should be about. I feel like Christmas has never been about Santa or gifts or any of the typical unimportant garbage. It is about thoughtfulness, family, warmth, food, friends.I am grateful we never really"did" Christmas because there is no confusion in my mind about what the real spirit of christmas is!  That the joy I find in Christmas is not rooted in how great my presents are or how fat and full my stalking is. I am happy.  I was happy with the loofa that I bought for myself yet here I am-----

living the dreams. 

I received packages from my family. which I did not expect and seriously could not be a more grateful person! SUCH thoughtful gifts! Many of them were pictures, painting, (of Christ--- my favorite thing :) hahah.  and things that I could share with other people and I was really astounded with the thoughtfulness of those who care about me! I am so excited to share what I got for Christmas with all of the special people  here in my life!! Nice qaulity pictures. (with many copies so I can SHARE!)  Just look at my face. I am so happy. I am so blessed. and I got YOGART. (hahahah my dad tried to send me yogart when I was in the MTC lets just leave it at,,,, it didnt go very well) This yogart is from my companion :):):):) fresh. 

I AM SO LOVED I feel like I could explode.

Good thing it is not Christmas here, because I even received a package from my DAD TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This very day. CHRISTMAS DAY the day was already perfect. BOOM a package with more thoughtful gifts! eeeeeeeeeppp. Things to keep me warm! and PENS! Who would ever think how thoughtful some pens would be! The general quality of pens here is HORRIBLE and pens is a gift I would never think to ask for. Dont ask and you shall receive! BECAUSE I have been blessed with the most thoughtful people in my life!

So much has happened lately . I love my new companion. We work really well together. We understand the same amount of no Russian yet We have so many investigators. and we manage to have lessons. to make it places. I have so much courage to talk to the people I meet on the street... This gospel brings joy, light, life to people. You can see it.  So does homemade cinnamon rolls and a big  cup of milk with my treausre sister neilsen!
Got to run. We have dinner with the President and then some english practice:::: there will be a big Christmas party! I am making it happen. White Elephant and ALL. Bringing a little America to UKRAINE one little weird gift game and some popcorn balls at a time!!!!! 

Sister Powell 
Ps. My Russian is of course better than I give myself credit for and it better be.... cause I am giving a talk on Sunday. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :) hahaha. so good.
AND I ordered a taxi today all by myself. HA! 

Pss. MERRY CHRISTMAS. I love you all so much. 

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