Monday, February 17, 2014

Episode 34: Dreams.

Today I just want to share with you a little taste of my behind the scene work. 

Yesterday was near the best day of my life. Dinner with my favorite family here in Ukraine and I got to Skype Oxana who just moved from here and is now living in california!!!!! I was so shocked to see her face on skype I could not even speak words!!!!

Valentines day we soften hearts with cookies we made during breakfast and lunch. They were beautiful. we heart attacked people we felt might feel a little lonely this day and just loved everyone on our path. Look at the pictures! 

I even got some love. 

and I turned down 2 proposals. . . or so I thought.

It goes a little something like this...sometimes when marriage to me... is not even what they are suggesting.... (a man aasked me if I needed my husband to translate for me because I did not understand his Ukranian words he was speaking!! I thought he was asking me if I needed a husband and I very quickly set him straight telling him I am a missionary and I am just focused on my missionary work right now. I don't need a husband" 

it went a little something like this. 

*Ukranian... ukranian words. I dont understand... ukranians. ukrainin. more ukrainian *

"do you need your mom... or your husband... to translate for you girls"

"no... actually, we don't need a husband! we are actually just missionaries here for our church and we are focused on our work here right now" 

hahah. oh goodness. my life. 

Now I would like to share with you one of my few talents. 

Collaging. The creator in me was feeling stiffled because I am not allowed to do art work. but I got my grubby little hands on some magazines and now everything I own is covered.... mostly in pictures of Jesus. 

this little number in the center is the focus of my letter this day. I want to tell you about my dream board. This is my life in magazine form. The life I want to have. Things I want to do. The things I hope for. The things I want to become. My life. 

I guess I will just share a few. 

I want my home to be one like the one on the right. Lights on. Exuding warmth. filled with the light and warmth of the love that the people inside have for each other. The porch light is on, because everyone is welcome in my home. and they know it. 

I want a life filled with music and the development of talents. Seeking earnestly the best gifts. Utilizing the ones that I have. I love music. It is powerful. I want it to be a part of me. 

The tree of life represents health. Health of heart and health of my family. Healthy eating. A healthy home. I want to take care of my body. I want to enjoy this beautiful world that we have been blessed with. There is lots of nature because for me nature and gratitude are intertwined. I have reason to be grateful everytime I am out in this beautiful world. I want to enjoy it. Something special happens when we have some sort of connection with nature. Granolas are happy for a reason. I want to be one.  

I don't have a lot of time.... Ask questions if you have any. Everything on there has purpose. more than meets the eye. It would really make my day if someone would like to know more about this. hahah I put a lot of thought into it. It is my life on a paper. THATS STEEP

I made this because I have been thinking about desires. and I wanted mine to be more tangable both to the eye and to myself. I love my friends and my family. I pray for you. You and your happiness are included in my desires. hahaha doesn't that sound nice. 

It doesn't look as cool or big as it is in real life. now I am almost regretting writing about it because it is just not as cool as I had hoped. but I think all of you should make dream boards. I really believe that when we solidify the things that we want out of life they become that more much real. dream boards are real things. If you are reading this. WRITE ME. tell me what you would put on your dream board. MAKE ONE. SHOW ME. things you dream about. things you want to do, places you want to go. jobs you want to have. anything everything. Tell me. :) I want to know. 

seriously. even if you feel like it would be weird if you wrote me because I do not know you are reading this. WRITE ME! I need to expand my horizons. 

That is all for now. 

I love you all. 

Sister Jessica Pashence Powell 

"Journals and everything I own."

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