Monday, February 24, 2014

Episode 35: Just Living.

So. I am living. Not a scratch. Nor fear. Many of you may know more than I do. hahaha [We have a situation.] but doubt not fear not the lord is at our side. 

Violence broke and we double quick got tucked away in our cutest Ukranian apartments. Safe and the soundest. How valiant :)

 When it came time to storm the streets after 3 days inside.

 here's your honesty: I was scared but here we are living our lives. 

I am grateful for all of your prayers. I know that I am safe. I know that the lord keeps his missionaries safe.

I don't have a lot to say. I am grateful for this opportunity to learn. ({I spent 3 days in my apartment studying and things}) It is so interesting to me learning, knowledge, the human mind and the mysteries of god and how it just makes sense. That as we seek we will find. As we learn, our capacities to learn more are opened up. I will come home different in that I thirst for knowledge in a different kind of way. I just want to learn and learn and learn and learn. It is scientific (the capacities of my physical brain will open as I fill it) and my little spirit soul will grow. Will become more resilient more intelligent. Our bodies and minds are so miraculous. I am grateful for my mind. For my ability to learn and for all of the opportunities my life has offered me (including trials) to grow, learn and to become better. My spiritual capacities have been deepened by the trials of my life.... and so I am grateful for them . How cliche. haha. Perhaps because it is real life. 

Here is a recap of my life:

"Today is an inside day" ---- 3 days straight. and..... I loved it. 

 Sister Nielsen is my dreams come true. We get along very well. and there is no one else in the Ukraine that I would rather be locked inside an apartment for 80+ hours with. 

I had my 8months on a mission and 6 months in country while we were on lock down. Sister Neilsen is the sweetest soul and She brewed me a bubble bath. slaving over stoves of boiling water  and steamy bathroom. MMMmmmm. 

My new favorite book is Jesus the Christ:: I read 3 whole paragraphs in the span of 2 hours because I had to cross reference every other word! It is my new favorite book. Who knew I would come on my mission to learn english. Many thanks James. (talmage)

Our Apartment is very clean. It is refreshing. 

My journal is all caught up and I am now writing into the future. 

We practiced being poineers (mixed together flour and water and cooked it on forks over our propane stove) (we did have any sticks or campfires on hand) 

Made emergency packs filled with roman noodles and 20 cans that weigh enough to seal our fate if running for safety were required. 


I am safe. Back to real life. Taking all precautions to remain safe. Fret not. 

Love Sister Powell 

Important Notice: 

I am preparing myself for an apocalypse. If you would like to be considered for my survival team. Let me know. 

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