Monday, March 10, 2014

Episode 37: Greetings

CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE~ For this little lady. 

Sister Powell is being TRANSFERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

MY FIRST TRANSFER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My world is changing and I just don't even know how to soak it all in! 

That is pretty neat. a lot of scary (in the best way:adventure like) WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH MYSELF??

I think I just may have to learn how to be a missionary all over again. This is the only Ukrainian world I have know. Here in Borsha-kiev-ski. Where my heart is. Where the temple is. Where all my Ukrainian treasures lie. All the memories. All the people I love! AHHHH 





As I told all the people that I have grown to love so much that I am leaving I really got to see that I have made a little difference. It is so funny how it all works. Your just the missionary inviting yourself over to their house one day..... They avoid you like the plague .... until you are leaving. 

Then they like  you a lot :) THEY LIKE ME! :)

Seriously I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have had to serve in this so special ward. To serve with these pioneers of Ukraine. To see the temple everyday!!!!!!!! Borshakievski has my heart. 

Serving with Sister Neilsen has been such a dream. She is a California blondey babe! and I will never forget our time together. Christmas, my brithday, a REVOLUTION, a very exciting valentines day, new years, ANOTHER REVOLUTION. Everyday an adventure just the way it should be. Pretty much everything good in my life while we were together. I love her.

We have never had such a full week! Old Investagators want to meet with us :) all the members that I love so much. It is funny how that works! We are gonna be so busy! 

It is so refreshing that I can leave here feeling so good and start somewhere new.. There no one will know me. My difference may not be known until I leave. Perhaps it takes 7 months to develop this kind of relationship... but none the less I am grateful. I have been changed by these people. Their strength and gratitude for the things that really matter. We have been through a revolution together. Thats bonding. 

There are so many people here I will not forget. Never. 

I already have my last moment planned. With the Palyokov family!   I love them so much. They are my Ukrainian family with a little portion waiting for me in America (Okcana). My life would not be the same without them. I have a family in Ukraine. I LOVE THEM MORE THAN I CAN MUSTER WORDS FOR. I am gonna cry tears. 

Watch this video. This is my temple. These are my people. Since my words can't do the justice. Let theirs. 

I love

Sister Powell 


You may have noticed a decrease is the funny things that happen in my life. Rest assured they still happen. I am a menace to society as much as ever (sitting on strangers laps as the metro pulls away, dropping Book of Mormon's on their feet, almost wiping people out as we jump out of the still moving bus doors ) 

Pss. I am going to be a Sister Training leader. 

Psss. I will be going to Chernigov. by CHERNOBLE.

Pssss. My companion is Sister Farnsworth. She is gonna show me how to be a missionary... we came here together. She is the most champion lady. Here I am come. 

Pssss. Expect me to be bald (blessing of Chernoble) and probably fat (since you are all thinking it. I am saying it. My face is fatter. I know I know. I know. --- that is how you know I am a real missionary and I eat pig fat double portions when people give it to me!) 

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