Monday, March 31, 2014

Episode 39: I am speechless

I AM NOT WEARING A COAT. OR TIGHTS and only one Bobooshka yelled at me. That is a sure sign that spring has come. THE SUN IS SHINING and my soul is happy. It seems like this sad winter world just comes alive when the sun comes out. I have moved to a new town. The sun came out and everyone in the world wants to talk to us. So different than my winter Kiev world.
Chernigov is one peaceful heavenly place. Close to the Russian borders. Our area is HUGE with lots of villages and one tiny branch. (A completely different world from the largest Eastern Europe branch, the temple, and the capital of the country!!!) I have already met near everyone and they so warmly welcomed me. Lots of pure Russian speaking and singing. Perhaps one day I can speak as well as my perfect companion.
Let me introduce you to Sister Farnsworth. Practically perfect in every way. She speaks to every human that crosses her path in perfect russian. Baptized all the people and soon all their friends.
So different than my other world but I am happy to be here and ready to learn. 

I will never forget my last days in Borshakievsky (Kiev) THEY WERE THE DREAMS. We had dinner with my Ukranian family the Polyakov's and got to skype with Oksana one last time before they shipped me off in a van/bus with my WAY TOO MANY belongings (I have taken to thrift shopping on Pdays and have certainly been collecting)
My last night in Kiev we got a chance to go out to a village outside of Kiev and see our miracle less active family (the night we found them in the blizzard) They welcomed us in and fed us and loved our poor miserable cold souls (living the missionary dreams :)
Anyway what a perfect way to end my time here. I have never so quickly developed so much love! As we parted and they made me promise I would return I knew I have found my 2nd home. I will  go back. As we left Karina gave me the biggest kiss and told me that she LOVES me! A "moment" for sure. an end to a perfect evening.and my first life in Kiev Ukraine. I miss everyone there so much. I miss my Sister Nielsen. All our tasty treats and love filled visits to my Ukranian pioneers. My first Ukrainian kisses. My heart is in Borshakievski. 
** I have returned from a horrid encounter with my first squatting toilet in a pizzeria** I now have a greater empathy for those (my mother) who suffer from bathroom phobia. I SURVIVED. and washed down my fears with 2 baby pizzas!
Now back to the gamer section at your resident internet cafe. 30 old men and 11 year old boys playing internet games at 4 grivens an hour. So beautiful
Well Chernigov is beautiful. The branch is strong. My apartment is super nice. The sun is out. And the Russian is raw.
Sister Jessica 

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