Monday, March 31, 2014

Episode 38: Dasvindanya Hram

 I am not feeling very talkative.... I think I am a little grumpy cause I ate too much. I must overfeed my growing body of course :) hahaha. Sickening I tell you.

 but I bought some new shoes today. So that is good.
I got to go to the temple this week. I think I have a new favorite place on this earth. The Kiev Ukraine temple. It is perfect. I got to wear head phones so I could understand the words being spoken to me. My word bank is dry. So I will just let you imagine how spectacular the experience was. and the english treasures (those who speak english... meaning every Ukranian (WHO WILL NEVER DIVULGE OF THEIR KNOWLEDGE (They all know english) you would never know it) Those english treasures spoke to us in English. Mmmm luxury. I love the temple. (we get to go 3 times a year)
I am in denail. 
I leave On Thursday. Our life has just been jam packed with all the people that I love so much. I would have never really thought that I could make a difference (it is the daily battle in my little missionary world) but I have. People have cried because my little cripple-loving-non-russian-speaking self is leaving. Why is it that missionaries want to make people cry. It beats me. but I cannot tell you how satisfying.

I feel so blessed to be here. I am so grateful that those around me are able to see past all this missionary business and know how much I REALLY care. I could spend the rest of my mission just loving people. No baptism. No missionary splendor. none of the funny business we all get so wrapped up in.  I am doing what I came here to do, and though unorthodox I can tell you it is satisfying. Great is my joy. haha :) 

 I am sure I will have a lot to say next week. As my little world takes a 180. I am going to miss Sister Nielsen. She is my california dream. As the Ukrainains would say. My-ya Blondin-ki-ya!

Good bye temple. goodbye president. Good bye office couple. Good bye easy access to all my letters. Unlimited access to all the supplies. Good bye mission politics (same district as assistance and office elders)
This all sounds like it will be pretty refreshing. Chernigov is apparently the place to be. All the champion missionaries are there right now. and the history. OH it is astonishing. (all possessing great charm and charisma) So sometimes I wonder just what president is thinking :) hahaha. I am being serious. I will let you know how things work out for me. I am buckling down for the biggest adventure of my world.

Sister Jessica 

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