Monday, September 2, 2013

Episode 10: Two Noobs on a Two Day

Well hello there :)

It has been a wonderful week. I am going to just jump right into the title of these weeks adventure
Two Noobs on a Two day.
The two noobs would be the one and only Sister Dryden (my MTC companion who I never thought I would see again upon the lucious soul of Ukraine) WRONG! Guess what. With 5 days experience and vocabulary to match we were matched up on Exchanges and will be for the rest of this transfer. Ours was 2 days also! Which filled my life with even more adventure! Almost too much to handle! Lets be honest and say we had a very adventurous day and I will be sure to welcome you all to the rest we will be having!
We were on my home territory so it is now my responsibility to call upon 5 days of blurred knowledge of the land (that 5 days being me following my companion around like a cute little mute puppy) I knew this would be fun. In truth
We had 3 lessons planned. I know were we needed to be and how we were to get there! or so I tbought------ hahaha little did I know there were 3 trams (1 of which never comes and is the wrong one!!) well guess which we got on! The wrong one!

Well good thing Ukrainians (Tho we certainly do not speak the same language) are the kindest people that every existed. (when you ask for help)

As we found ourselves lost... I soon discovered the only vocabulary I have to offer in relation to directions is how to get to heaven..... so..... they can just go ahead and try to explain to me how I might find my apartment on the street I know not the name.  We were lost for a while.. THEN I realized there were two trains and quickly returned us home. (I surely learned something.) (practically a native by now! It has been like 2 weeks)

 At one point on our adventure I tried to asked a woman a simple question and she began to run through the streets asking people how we might find our location. Seriously the most helpful people I have ever met in my life. (with map (our map) in her hand she little chased down two cars and a man! ) Needless to say we arrived 15 minutes early :)

Another woman I asked what the name of street was. Opened up my Book of Mormon where I was keeping my map--- she asked a question---- and I promptly agreed not knowing the question was "are you a Johovas witness" ---- YEP SURE AM!!! She was gone before I knew it. WHOOPS. looks like I need to learn that phrase. :)

We did quite well and honestly I am just amazed we lived. I am SO grateful for my trainer! and sister Dryden.. I cannot imagine trying to take on the big Ukrainian world with any other inexperienced missionary that ever lived.
I learned how to survive and me and sister Dryden actually gave 3 solid lessons! IN RUSSIAN! To people we had not yet met! Good thing they were just so gracious!

I just love it here. The people are so amazing. My ward has some of the most valiant spirits I have ever met. I just charmed them away this Sunday as I bore the most broken Russian testimony that every existed (hahah probably not-- I am actually doing really well in the language I understand a lot and everyone is impressed that I have only been here a week needless to say my testimony is still very far from perfect) It went very well. The ward was so sweet and came and hugged me and told me it was wonderful. I am so excited to be serving here. The ward LOVES missionaries and my companion is the most charming thing that ever happened to Ukraine! We are just gonna win hearts all day!

I am serving right by the temple and I get to see it EVERYDAY! It is so special! 6 of 74 missionaries get this opportunity! My new favorite activity is grocery shopping for fruit. You weigh your own fruit and press a corresponding button and it prints out a price tag sticker! SUCH FUN!
This week is just evidence of what the scriptures say. Open thy mouth and it will be filled. I have no other explanation for how me and Sister Dryden not only lived through the days but gave 3 lessons! I am learning so much. I know I could not do this alone.
I am reminded everyday of the goodness and light the gospel brings to people everywhere. \

I love you all!
Love Sister Powell
KIMBERLEE! I need you email! I miss you. 

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