Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Episode 12: Well there was no time, so here is the letter that I wrote to President.

This very well may be a little part of my soul :) haha. Or just a letter to my president. I had no time to write a letter but here is little snippet of my world. I am so excited to write my next letter and paint for you all a picture of my everyday UKRAINE with my words. it is so beauitful here.  

Dear President,

It has been a wonderful week! One with another baptism of little Dasha, she is so darling. We are praying and doing all that we can think to draw her family back into the light of the gospel. We have family home evening with them often. Her 2 (active) uncles, grandmother, and mother (inactive) are there and participate. I am praying that Dasha's baptism will open the doors for Nina to return; she is such a good mom and I know that she values the church. I have great faith that good things will come from this beautiful baptism that I was blessed to be a part of.

I led my first lesson. I am doing all I can to lift where I stand. Sister Lamoreaux has a lot of responsibility and she handles it all with such grace. I am very aware of the capacity it require to train a new missionary and I am just trying to make her life (as far as I am concerned) non-turbulant. I am so grateful for her and the example that she is to me. I am made aware of how much heavenly father loves me everyday that I am with Sister Lamoreaux, she is the answer to my prayers. Being her companion offers me the opportunity to be on exachanges every week! Exchanges have been really exciting and almost adventure like, as me and Sister Dryden take on the world once more. There is always so much to be learned from our experience. I am reminded of how capable I actually am to do this work. I am reminded that the lord fulfills his promises. He is with us as we venture out into this world, talking with everyone (maybe at them) because than we have to try and figure out if we know what they are saying back. :) I feel blessed for this opportunity, I know that exchanges are on opportunity for the two of us to grow more than any other new missionaries might get the chance to; pushing us more than we might be if we had someone who could translate for us.
----------------(so the readers at the home know..... we had a conference where a general authority Elder Evans (he is on the missionary council) and gave us a nice scolding:) hahaha. We can do better. We all felt a little torn a part after, but chastening is good ... I guess :) hahaha. that is what they tell me. I am not a fan .... YET) --------------

Our conference, what a blessing that was and one that I am still trying to soak in. Quite honestly it was very overwhelming and I left very discouraged; however I am a smart girl and soon figured out there is so much to internalize. This was a sting that I can learn much from. I am so appreciative of this weeks letter to assist my understanding and know that there is much to be learned from it. I am grateful for your words always. It is always a testament of the divinity of your call. You are inspired on our behalf and I am eager in my soul to obey your council. I am going to press forward with greater faith; faith that involves action. I am grateful to know that you are proud of your missionaries. Honest truth is, PMG is certainly not my nature at this point in my little mission life but I will give all I have this week to better myself, to increase the quality of my work and efforts; to walk the streets as the savior himself would do, eyes opened, ready to act, ready to speak, ready to listen.  I have great faith that I can get there, that I can be the kind of missionary this mission calls for. I am humbled to be a part of this special mission and to be serving under you. As you may have noticed I am a shy little lady and I can do more; I can be brave! I have got faith, for me comes the need for courage, for action, for trust that my heavenly father will be with me helping me along the way.

I wonder how the Savior would be if he could not speak the language? I think that is my question of the soul this week.

This week I will give all that I have to live up to the special call in which I have been given. To let my fear of god take priority over my fear of man (or Bobushka). :)

Sister Powell.

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