Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Episode 11: "it's going on the fridge"

Just one little small story.
"it's going on the fridge"
As a new missionary at times (a lot of times, many times, everyday more like) my attempts to speak with fluent natives is a rickety one--- with two weeks experience and a Russian vocabulary that is not suitable for the streets I would now like to relate my life to a refridgerater.
Remember as a child, we all loved to draw so much! Remember when you would muster up the most beauitful drawing your little child heart could dream up. You gave everything that you had to give and were so proud of your creation. So perfect. So beautiful, who couldn't love this drawing?
In reality, your little massacre of a creation is really not all that beauitful.
As you so proudly bring what you have made to your mother or father is it not something that they could do themselves and in reality do so much better?
However what do they do with it? They praise you. making you feel like the most talented artist that lived on this earth. You have the the potential to be the next picasso (if your mom were in charge of the world) Your  mother takes that real nice painting and just slaps it right on the refridgerator where everyone can see it. They are genuinely proud pleased and the world is one happy place.
How is this relatable to my Russian, to my mission, to my life? Well let me just tell you! I learned the importance of each and every one of my efforts! Though they are not incredibly polished and from any form of artwork I am giving all that I have to give. As I butcher word after word or very awkwardly invite someone to our english class heavenly father knows that I am giving all that I have to offer. He is perfect and could certainly do this work better than I ever could--- in fact he does. It is truly his work and despite my far from perfect efforts he is proud of every ounce of effort.
"it's going on the fridge" --- Is a little something I like to say every time I completely embarress myself. As I try to be the missionary he would have me be I can proudly pass forth my very imperfect creation to a heavenly father who sees a child who tried their very best.
One day I will look back on this whole experience and see a master piece--- for now... I am enjoying, adventuring, swimming ---sometimes drowning :) in the first (and inevitably messy) first drafts. What an adventure :)

I love you all.
Love Sister Powell

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