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I am alive. I am so alive! and even more alive after being slammed in the trolley door on my first day. ADVENTURE!!! This is the new title on my new life.
My first impressions: Everyone hates me, I look like a polgamast. They think I am a freak when I smile at them. I have a wicked nice 70's haircut and these people think I am a WEIRDO! How will I survive.
2 minutes later: 

I LOVE IT HERE. WHO CARES! I will never see them again. Maybe they hate me but I can just smile some big weirdo smiles anyway because I have what they want whether they know it yet or not!

UKRAINE. I LOVE IT! Our little apartment is the cutest thing that every exsisted in the little Ukrainian Ghetto! We have every luxory my heart could want and I have eaten like 20 pints of raspberries! I have had my eyes on peaches and I am about to go buy out the market! (it is Tuesday p-day cause real Pday we taught 4 lessons instead! I LOVE IT HERE! )

The people are so genuine! Guess what: we all know that is my favorite charecteristic. Well guess what! If they don't like you, they will tell you! No more assuming for me! haha! That business is done for! They are so hospitable and really don't like talking to strangers! but talk for 2 seconds your no longer a stranger and they will give you the shoes you are wearing if you say you like them!
There is seriously no way to sum up the past week of my life. MADNESS. We flew here in a group of 16! and then met our president who I am in LOVE WITH. They are so wise, articulate, intelligent and noble. Those are the best adjectives I can muster.
We stayed in the nicest motel I have ever set eyes on and ate the weirdest breakfast I ever had.

RUSSIAN!!! Is beautiful. I understand SO MUCH Except people who mumble--- that is their problem not mine. I pretty much cannot compose a sentence but I don't care! It will all come!

My companions name is Sister Lamoreaux. She is super white and is a resident of your local OREM UTAH!!! We do not know each other but her brother works and Costa Vida and I certainly know him!! (At UVU -- Derrick) She is 23 went to BYU Hawaii (match made in heaven) was a Nanny in Spain! Is so PATIENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and does not force me to do more scary things than necessary. She leads with a gentle hand. She has made my week the best of my life. 
Anywho I love her. and I am living our Presidents moto

 Monkey see, monkey do!

I just do every thing that she does. She is the sweetest sister missionary that ever exsisted in this word. The prayers I have prayed for the past 8 months were answered the second I layed eyes on you sweet face. We get along so well and I expect nothing more than miracles! AHHHH!!!

I guess I just want to share my biggest take away from the week. MIRACLES

We decided to crack open the area books. Let me tell you there are treasures of gods children to be found in the wonderful book. We found a woman whose name is Looda. She is SO interested in truth. I understand SO MUCH, but cannot yet speak but a meek testimony so that is exactly what I did. I feel so much love and I cannot imagine it is coming from my little soul. God is our loving heavenly father. I can feel it. I have learned so much from Looda. She called us her angels and I could just die. SHE is an angel. .

In my life I have said "I do not know what I would do without this gospel" As I TRULY learn what my life could have been like without this gospel. It is dark. People here have seen a lot and it is evident that they know hardship. I was blessed to be plopped right down onto a couch in Manti Utah into a family filled with love and light. I AM HUMBLED. I have known light and my biggest hardship is choose to except it. Tough stuff . NOT. ------ These people have spent their lives SEARCHING. They have spent their lives in darkness. I have taken for granted. The gospel blesses families and that is undeniable.Regardless of how faithful or converted anyone in my life is it is undeniable that the gospel of Jesus Christ has changed us. We have a foundation of understanding what life is about. It is about goodness and charity towards fellow man. I was raised in a famiy filled with love and light. With good people who know how to treat others. Let the humbling begin.

Ask me questions!!! I LOVE YOU ALL! I am so grateful I got to talk to my family in the airport. The flight was great. Jet lag ain't a thing when I have got a big beautiful city to explore and meet! The food is GOOD and fresh. Fruit is everywhere. I am the happiest most grateful little soul.
My mission President is the best thing that has happen to my life! The temple is INCREDIBLE and I am serving in the center of Kiev! I get to see the President ALL the time! and the temple EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so lucky! (there are only 8 of 72 here!)
Til next week my minions!
Sister Powell 


So just the funnest story ever. We were walking through your local Amsterdam airport! I was being a Book of Mormon model for this melting pot of humans who know not that they are in need of this beautiful blue book that I have in my hand and we run into 2 missionaries Sister Bush and Elder Perkins (one who is right in the middle of us) THEY WERE THE DEPARTING MISSIORIES! She just started to bawl and I just hugged her!!!!!!!! They just assured us of the goodness that we were about to behold. How amazing our President is and that we are serving the best mission ever! Just what my scaredy little soul needed.
I love it here so much. It is truth! This is the best mission. I am exploring the streets of Ukraine Dawn until Dusk --- Marshootka, speed walking, running, walking, metro, bus, and tram, squished amongst and trying to muster up the courage to talk with the Ukrainian people. I am being cultured and learning and growing so much. I love it here. 

If you are all wondering. YES I will be retiring Missionary work begin my career as a Book of Mormon model! hahahahahaa (I did not even realize what potential I had) 

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