Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Episode 1: Quarantine and Scaredy Pants

I am going to call this business my episodes (I belive in Russian it would be called episode-sheek) So maybe in the future... I call this weeks episode "QUARENTINE and scaredy pants" OH MY GOODNESS. I LOVE THE MTC. This has been the longest and most wonderful week of my life. Maybe you all have heard the MTC saying before. The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days. IT IS SO TRUE. The first two days are the longest of my life. but I loved them. This is the most wonderful place. Filled with so much goodness my little mind can not even handle any more. I was once the second best in Russian (second to our lovely sister who WENT TO HARVARD (my geez)) Now I am normal and I pretty sure my vocabulary is secretly increasing, but feels as though I retain a word a day. Every moment is chucked full with goodness. Every day a strange rollercoaster of emotions. Time truly is its own species here in the MTC. It it hard to get a grip on! 6 sisters in our district 6 elders::: I love my teacher he is so charming and encouraging. All the older missionaries are so sassy. QUARANTINE:::: Lucky me and my vaccine immune system learned WHY we are not currently shaking hands at the MTC at this time. INTESTINAL VIRUS :) hahahahaha I woke up my 3rd night in a state of panic because I knew not if I was allowed to go to the bathroom without my companion. WELP in emergency response I booked to the nearest public restroom and learned all too much about this virus. I tried to keep in on the down low which the virus would not have. In the middle of class fled in panic to the bathroom...... the rest is history. I had to share my secret and get medical attention (I did not want to seem like a baby) I had to spend the rest of my THIRD DAY (which was suppose to be the best so far) in QUARANTINE. (I would not have had it--- if it was not forced upon me) I felt like I was missing so much so I tried to study hard core in my bed. That did not last long--- I entered a baby coma and slept for 6 HOURS!!!!!!! I felt so bad holding my companion back. She was so sweet. She studied on her own trying to follow our very structured schedules while bing in the room. I continued to apologize she daid to me: "you easy, you just sleep... and apologize" hahahahah well thats true! Thank goodness I recovered miraculously, I am so greatful for my health and that they allowed time to recover. I LOVE IT HERE. They have the most inspired people, the most structure learning. I LOVE RUSSIAN. I feel like I cannot fit another ounce of knowledge in my head--- yet I have 8 more weeks (Russian is difficult... learning that all too well) The spirit is SOOOO strong. Apparently the gift of tongues is real :) I guess we will find out. :):):) heheh I know it is, and I cannot wait. We have an investigator. WE TEACH ONLY IN RUSSIAN. it is so difficult and fun. I love it. I am just the funniest person ever and I told Atreome (our investigator who is FLUENT) that he is very good at reading :):):) it was so funny. He laughed real laughter at me. I have already felt the spirit work through me in these littlle meeting. It is INCREDIBLE/ Every meal is a buffet. I cannot fit anymore in my stomach. Fat face here I come. :) It is better to write me letters or dear elders while in the MTC --- we only get 30 min on the computer. Plus I can read them every night. WRITE ME LETTERS :):):):) Sorry this is so random and crazy. and wonderful! :) I dont have much time and there is pretty much a whole years worth of holy goodness to share. I LOVE EVERYONE. SEnd me fruit. NO TIME AHH.

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