Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Episode 7: What's Up

Not the most exciting week of my life. Lots of studying outside :)

I have been thinking a lot about the book of mormon and what a precious gift it is. This is a book that prophets have read over and OVEr and over and OOOOOOver and STILL get inspiration from every single time. This has me wondering, how I could have been so obvlivious to its power before. It has meaning no matter what point of life you are in. Whatever you believes are the scriptures contain wisdom and could serve as a compass to the life of anyone who seeks enlightenment.

I have been learning a lot about teaching too. I am so grateful for my opportunity to recieve a formal education. In my time at UVU I learned the power of being a "facilitator" and this will be a great strength to me as a missionary. There is so much power in guiding someone in their learning. I am not a good teacher, I know that but I pray that I can be a facilitator of learning. Guiding those who are lost to the light of our savior. Helping them to see that joy and potential and purpose that this gospel can bring to a persons life.

Speaking of teaching!! We can just see just how good I am at this business with a little snippet of my weakly shame:::::

during my lesson this week you can count on the fact that I told Vadeem what a covenant REALLY was.

Using my fluent Russian skills:::

"Do you know what a covenant is"


OHHHH well let me tell you

"Covanant:" " Vadeem, A covanant is something we know to be a "WHAT'S UP"------ from god"

yep, so that is what it is. If any of you wondered what occured after you were baptized, be certain that this is what happened!

So I will continue by saying that I plan to continue you my studying of the christlike attribute of humility. Humility is much more than being subject to the Russian language it is confidence that you can do it!!! PRAY FOR ME :)
Really though heavenly father strengthens me everday, because if he didnt, I would cry myself right up the street to my house and hideaway. I cannot do this alone.

Russian is coming and will come! One day I will be fluent (and not preaching false doctorine :) I can almost completely understand conversations --- we just encounter a little something I will refer to as 'HUMBLER hills' along the way.

I LEAVE IN TWO WEEKS. WHHHHHATTT~!! That is unreal. We are now the old and wise at the MTC and peope come up and ask me grammer questions. That is fun! I think this is an opportune moment to suggest that all of you who do not know the basic lay down of the Russian language you should research it. I am pretty certain it is the most complicated system I have ever encountered.. haha not really. I am grateful for my brain.

MTC life.
eat. study. study. eat. study. volleyball. study. snack. study. eat. study. eat again. study.

Good news ---

--- My clothes are almost detoxed of cat hair :) that is excited.
(a few people have had reactions to my presence. it all just reminded me how much  I miss my cute little kitties! I just cuddle with my blanket and scriptures instead :)

My companion is the best! She is just so tiny and cute! She is a very good leader and one of the most Christ like people I have ever met. I coudl not do this with out her. I am very aware that it is absolutely inspired who we are placed with along this journey.

This week she has been utilizing her southern Virginia backround and providing the rest of us with entertainment as she offers the best "southern twang russian" I have ever heard in my life. I wish you all could here.

Seriously I never realized the influence that a district (in the MTC) has on a missionary. I get to grow and learn with the most valient spirits all day. We eat together (over eat together), play volleyball, craft together, I am embaress myself,  they write ever dumb thing I ever say (almost every word) on a sticky note and slap it to the wall. (for real I own the qoute wall)

Really tho, I love my district. I have learned so much. I have grown so much. I have never experience such enlightening and engaged conversation with a group of people, this is no ordinary sunday school I tell you.
 We have some of the most profound discussions together. I seriously cannot even imagine leaving them in TWO WEEKS!

They have embraced my weirdness and allowed for "my sunshine to come out of its box" (my first and most famous qoute)------(I was feeling a bit stiffled the first couple days, trying to figure out if I was allowed to be myself or not :) turns out I am.) hahahhaa.

I don't know how good I have been at welcoming you all into my world. Everyday here is so enriching. Ask question... hahaha I dont know.

Write me letters!!! I will soon be gone and it will take three weeks! Someone send me a keylime cupcake from the sweet tooth fairy or I will die. but not really.

I LOVE YOU ALL. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that by following the example of Christ the world can become a better place. A foundation laid upon the teachings of Christ is one that will change your life and the lives of all those who you come in contact with. I am SO grateful to be here, I cannot wait to meet and to love the people of Ukraine AND TELL THEM ABOUT JESUS, it is so unreal!

I love my saviour. I have come to appreciate his example more than my little articulate self can muster. Read of him. 

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