Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Episode 3: The 18th Miracle

Things got real this week! The near commencment of lasy Pday brought some serious surprises for my little soul. A rickety week start that is for certain with a little something called TRC + A sister Powell that is not yet capable of expressing her in solid Russian speach and a fear of public speaking not yet overcome :) lol. Lets just say the agonizing embarressment is beginning to set in.

Saturday was exciting. Here at the MTC we have our own ways of thrill seeking this one is called: TOWER KNOCK OUT--- sounds violent but it harmless (or so we thought) The point is to eat as much of one type of cereal that you possibly can until it is all gone! (as a zone 30ish Russian speaking missionaries) All eating as much cereal as they possibly can. This includes some fasting before hand and serious thought put into which cereal you can fit the most in your precious bellies. We at four GIANT towers of cereal. Some eating 9 bowls of cereal! --- My contribution 4.... That is a mighty miracle in its self.

4th of JULY--- What a dream:: We got spoiled here!!!! Class was cancelled (night class at 7pm) We were all ushered into a devotional setting and sang some praises to our glorious country and then were told we got to watch a MOVIE!!! eeeeeeeeeeeep!!!!! 17 miracles! (it envolves some kisses and the missionaries have gone wiiiiiiild) :) hahaha. I really enjoyed the movie, I have never seen it before. It is really humbling to be reminded what it means to truly sacrefice everything. It makes my baby sacrefice seem exactly what it is, a baby sacrefice. They gave everything they have and all I must do is give my heart and a smidge of my time.


They let us stay up laaaate (11pm oh doggy) and watch the fireworks!!!! It was spectacular. --- as mentioned before Christmas came when they gaves us the classiest icecream a girl could drem. Every missionary with a big Mangum ice cream, past their bedtime watching FIREWORKS and having just watched a movie. I could have died. I sang to myself "America" by Imagine Dragons and soaked in this magical evening.

Let us just say I am so glad to know the freedoms of this country. We are all so blessed. My time on the computer cannot do justice to how much I love what I am doing and how grateful I am for the life I have been blessed with. I hope everyone had an amazing holiday.  

You may be wondering what that 18th miracle could have possible been. (17 miracles...... get it???)  It may not be quite as extravagant as you dreamed:::: for anyone who truly knows me they can easily appreciate this mini miracle in my world.

The 18th Miracle:::::::::::::I DIDN'T FALL ASLEEP.

week report:

after teaching 3 lessons in a row in a language I cannot yet speak---- and then saying a prayer (again in a language I cannot speak) We were asked to give a lesson in ENGLISH. Lets just say I become more and more brave every second I am here. Little baby Jessica is growing like mad. I LOVED giving this lesson because I chose what it would be on. I chose hope and based it off my new favorite scripture

Ether 12:4

"Wherefore whoso belieth in god might with surety hope for a better world, yea even a place at the right hand of god, which HOPE cometh of faith maketh an ANCHOR to the souls of men whcih would make them sure and steadfast always abounding in good works being let to glorify god. "

What sticks out to me here is a hope for a better world. That is why I am here. So the world can know of the peace and joy that I feel through following the example of my savior! Hope is EVERYTHING (as you told me Ian :)--- I shared your note :) What Ukraine needs is hope and with hope comes faith and with faith come inevitable happiness. How can you not feel joy when you have purpose and know of the great love our savioir has for us.
"being blessed with hope let us as disciples reach to all who for whaever reason have moved away from the hope of the gospel. Let us reach to lift hands which hang hopelessly down"

hope is the start to all, and with it all things are possible. It is so simple and so pure. I am so grateful for a life that has offered me much hope.

As we all have come to conclude my Russian is not yet perfect BUT we can all count on my "eye hand coordination" (not hand- eye) as being the best in my district--- I am a super asset to my trashball team!!! WHOOP

Also a little news update for my sunshine- It has exploded. Lets just say everyone is certainly getting to know me at this point and I would say it is going well (I am the sole proprieter of the qoute wall and it is exploding with the..... "special" things that I cannot control coming out of my broken english Russian mouth. :)

Also I have recently discovered/busted out my mothers full length silky pink night gown. It is REAL classy and everyone on my floor enjoys my presence when I am wearing it. mmmmm. I sleep so well clothed in my mothers old pajamas. I love my mom.

My district is the best. Filled with so much maturity I almost burst with appreciation. We can count on the fact that here and the revolutionized MTC there is much flirting but my district is a sactuary of the most mature HUMBLE. thoughtful AMAZING and spiritual souls

THEY EVEN REMEMBERED MY HALF BIRTHDAY!!! For those of you who know me, I am now 21.5 I hope you remembered because HALF BIRTHDAY ARE REAL! (CLARK) Wisdom comes with 21.5 (I even go to sleep before 11 every night--- with age comes dire need for sleep (CLARK) :) hahaha. ) I am old.

Lets talk about inspiration:

A little snippet from my journal July 6th"

"tomorrow we choose district leaders ect.... CURIOUS :D, It will be a fun day. ------ We will be media specialist (me and sister Dryden) "


next morning guess who is called as Zone media specialist>>>?????????????? ME AND SISTER DRYDEN. MY GEEZ!!!! hahahahahahahah. laughter is all the words I have to say.

I love the MTC. It is hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I am embarressed constantly and scared to the death always but I have so much purpose and I am glad I am here.

My new life goal--- to have a little Jesus in me (Janice Kapp Perry inspired me) I think you guys should have a little Jesus in you too!

I love everyone. Don't forget me. Write me. I love you. I love Russian. I love Jesus. I love this gospel--- I REALLY DO. I mean all these words. GENUINELY (it is what I do best) I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Shout out to my God child Lorelai :) Happy birthday sugar plum--- ALSO Kimberlee WRITE ME I need you, I am desperate for your love, or atleast your address so I can write you!!!!!! I am trapped :) 

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