Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Episode 6: Fat Face: As Profecied

So this last week brought about some major change in my very structured missionary world. Loss of our favorite teacher (just to a move) brought about my second bout of mission tears. (I am going strong) We spent last Pday composing some of the most crafy gifts with out missionary resources (whitney rest assured if the post man would have it I would have done better for you!!!!) Anywho, I was the mastermind of the most giant candy poster my life has set eyes on. It was glorious (thank you aunty melanie and fam for the generous boost in candy supplies they were an asset to my abilities.) It was a desperately sad parting and there was literal weeping in the last 15 minutes of class. I do not think there is a class that loved a teacher more than we do. 

Thursday July 25 (aka self proclaimed Christmas in July---AND MY BEST FRIENDS BIRTHDAY and rest assured I was going to make it happen) We all planned to wear Christmas colors. We received a special visit from our late teacher (the one that left us in tears the day previous) HE BROUGHT CHRISTMAS~!!!! Personal thank you notes that were so thoughtful and CANDY CANES!!!!!! There was a significantly larger amount of candy canes on my desk (everyone else had 1 and I, 13) and a little tiny note that said "because I know you like Christmas so much" :):):):) Needless to say this was just the beginning of the joy that Summer Christmas day brought to my life. 

I received  THREE PACKAGES and 6 hand written letters! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH after that Sister Finlayson commented (because I talk about Whitney ALL the time) "I thought it was Whitney's birthday today" Needless to say I felt SPOILED!!!!!! and required assistance in carrying my packages (Thank you grandma and Rachel :) ) 

We ended the night with Christmas carols (in Russian) to the surrounding districts! What a preciously perfect day! I thought of Whitney the whole day and prayed that all my prepared birthday plans would come through. 

Friday:: Redemtion time. 
In my last letter I made mention of a little lady known as Tatiana. let me clear up: She is a real live Russian in the REAL life Russia!! We communicate with her through skype (or rather we try really hard) Last time I attempted to read a scripture because she made me and I was certainly incapable at the time.--- She proceeded to correct my every mistake (which was every word in the very long verse) :::: This Friday offered redemption !!!!!!!!! I read REEEEEEEEAL Good. and that is all you need to know about that. 

Let talk about Sunday:: OH MY GOODNESS SUNDAY. 

I think many of you are aware of the MTC sunday experience. It is mortifying. Each week amongst all the other planning you have to write a talk per chance that you are called in from of your entire zone to deliver. IN RUSSIAN!!!!!!!!! You do not know until 10 seconds before you have to walk yourself right up there and deliver. 

Well guess who knew it was going to be her. This girl. We may all assume that I was scarred by the experience...

*IT WAS NOT**??????????????!!!! WHat?!?!! 

Let me tell you, they drag the process of announcement out SO long that every sacrement meeting I feel like I am going to toss my uneaten cookies! but this time something was different. I KNEW it was going to be me. I prayed SO HARD, for strength and courage, I had done all I could to prepare and I prayed prayed prayed that my heavenly father would help me to feel peace.
I suffer from stage fright: it is reality. me and everyone in my district now refer to my episodes of stage fright (that happen often) as "steak fries" (stage fright). I prayed that "steak fries would not punish me today. not inflict me as I tried to do the will of the Branch presidency. 

I was right, I was called. Yet there was peace ----  no fits of scaredy despair. No steak fries today folks. 

I walked up and gave the best Russian talk I knew how too. of course I didnt think it was good. I am hard on myself. (it is a growing process)  

I was made aware all to quickly that it was a good talk. In fact it was the best one this zone has seen in a while. The branch presidency talked about it in their meeting and the President came up to me right after and said "THANK YOU, for being prepared that is just what we needed" 

I want you to know now that I take no credit for this event. If I was in charge of my own feelings I think I would have died. I am learning SO much about confidence in the lord and what I am capable of. Ether 27:12 Show unto me your weakness. MY WEAKNESS IS BRAVERY. My weakness is speaking words!!!!! I am a scaredy baby and how in the world am I suppose to go out there and be bold?????? The lord answers prayers: 

D&C 84:85 "Neither take ye thought before hand what ye shall say but treasure up in your minds continually the words of life and it shall be given you in the very hour that portion that shall be meted unto every man" THIS IS HOW I AM GOING TO SURVIVE MY LIFE

I later had an interview with my President that was probably one of the most fulfilling moments........... this week (haha) He gave me such courage. We read together.
1 John 3:20
"For if our hearts condemn us, God is greater than our heart and knoweth all things"----- The lord knows better.... obviously. I am just being taught. 

If we follow---- we will be guided. I am living steak-fry-free evidence. 

"all is good with sister Powell" 

This morning I studied humility. It has been eye opening. I never realized that humility was something in my life that needed desperate work. wanna know why? it has everything to do with CONFIDENCE. What??? (That is weird) Humility is confidence that I can do hard things! (Through trusting, through struggling, through being obedient) 

 I am learning all too well. Becoming a disciple of Christ is HARD WORK. Don't think I am confused, I knew that when I signed up :)  It is the hardest thing I will ever do. It will only get harder, I know that, I know what I got myself into. I am becoming more and more aware each day of why it needs be hard. 

Diligence for this girl begins now... or yesterday...... 

"we have not been called just to hold the line, but to charge with all our heart, might, mind and strength" ]

I know how to do hard things. Through my pitiful attempts to become like the savior I learn more and more what it truly takes. As I struggle as I labor I can learn to love. 

I have a reason to stand tall. to go forth with all the strength I can muster. I expect tears and heartache beyond that of anything I have ever felt ----and in a weird twisted kind of way I am excited! Through loving people and being hurt by what hurts them I will come to know my savior that much more. I will come to understand WHY salvation is not cheap and never will be! 

Learn of him. 
Believe in him. 
Trust in him. 

Doing these seemingly simple things open our capacity to BE LIKE HIM

That is all I want. SERIOUSLY. Get your hands on a preach my gospel and explore Christ like attributes!!!!! Regardless of all things, any beliefs that you might have.... seeking to develop these attributes will change your life for the better! and everyone around you!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

It is work >>> as all good things are>>> The reward is far greater. PROMISE. 


I would like to begin my testifying that the lord TRULY loves his missionaries. It begins at the MTC::: Here is my evidence:: Concrete

Proverbs 28:25
" He that is proud of hear stirreth up strive but he that putteth his trust in the lord shall be made FAT"

Lets talk a little about the realities of fat face. 

Fat face: "the growing of ones face in relation to fatness" 
probable cause: minimal exvercise. All access candy. and buffet style eating. oh and chocolate milk. 

FACTS: fat face is a very prevalent reality in the life of a long staying MTC missionary (also known to afflict those who just stay a  short 12 days--- it is that bad) It is undeniable that those around me including myself are afflicted with is adversity. but rest assured. this what I thought was a "trial of my faith" is rather an EVIDENCE of my faith! 

Enjoy that! While I enjoy my 3 times daily BUFFET and everything batter in good stuff! 

I want to share an instance ::: and addition that I have to the qoute wall. ( I have also included a picture of my domination of the qoute wall I hope you can read them!!!) 

I shared the miracle of my planters wart. (it was curred before me leaving to the MTC which is a MIGHTY MIRACLE because those things are relentless, painful and NEVER LEAVE. once again --- the lord loves his missionaries.) I shared about my moms efforts to cure me and my prayers for this burden to be lifted (They hurt bad :) hahahahaha) 

"My mom is a miracle worker. So is the lord"  -- Sister Powell

Maybe it was not funny. But it was. 

I love you all!!! I miss you all day. I hope I am making some sense to you!!!!! 

Try to be like Jesus. 

ps. If anyone has any tithing miracle stories TELL ME!!!!!!!! 

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