Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Episode 5: Menya-za-voot- Ob-seeb-ka (this is russian) " My name is mistake"

The title of this weeks letter is due to the unavoudable fact that I mess up EVERY RUSSIAN language game we every play. Telephone anyone??? the mistake in the translation could be traced back to me everytime.

Can we keep a beat while we learn language patterns, surely I cannot, and I end up clapping at all the wrong times and ending the game in a fit of laughter. :) (trashball is my exception) lol. The good news is this week I did not mess up any games. --- because we did not play any :) hahaha but I have proclaimed my new name to be "mistake" in Russian. hahaha.

Also this offers a moment to share with you one of the mistakes made in a lesson of ours. While talking about eternal life, death, and the atonment of christ we made a little "obsheebka" (mistake) big.... mistake and shared "2 Nephi 28:10 instead of 3 Ne 28:10 hahahahaha just look those bad boys up :)

on the topic of mistakes lets talk about our interaction with a true Russian on SKYPE AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH--- Things did not go well for this girl (me) and everyone involved.. I struggled to weasle out the numbers of my favorite scripture so that Tanya would read them to us (I cant read fluently just yet :) and next thing I know I am struggling to read Moroni 7:45 to her and she proceeds to correct me and "teach" me every word that I SLAUGHTERED... its a long scripture and I didnt make it past the first word! ... meanwhile our skype connection breaks out everytime she tries to pronounce it for me. Needless to say.... an intervention was needed and I learned that I should choose a shorter favorite scripture :) MISTAKES... my new name....

and growth... my new way of life.

This week has been a week of great growth as all are here at the MTC, I truly love it here and I hardly count the days till I leave.
--- It has been really powerful and I may be on my path to conversion of role play. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT???  I think I have developed heart fibulations because of my fear of role plays and our incecent demand to do them, yet then the spirit just sooths my scaredly little soul. I have learned how to laugh. and most of all, I have learned what role the spirit plays in my life and in my role as a missionary. (I realize there is more to learn... So much more)  I was able to do things I never thought possible. I expressed myself IN RUSSIAN and was able to answer to the needs of someone else. (with no script... direct them to perfect scripture and share my feelings, it was magical)

This week I want to talk about what I have learned concerning repentance. Lets begin with Romans 3:23 "for all have sinned and come short of the glory of god" a bit of a hard pill to swallow :)
I think this as well as many many things I have learned this week have really opened my eyes to the role of repentance.

I have never really understood how to utilize a portion of the atonement and what repententing meant in my life. For I have never greviously sinned and was a confused soul.  I was truly blind to the role repentance plays. As I have studiedt the character of christ I have come to realize that role. (just the beginning.) My new life aspiration is to become more like my saviour Jesus christ. Quite simply I have found that it is ABSOLUTELY the greatest path to happiness.

Let me offer this though::: What if Christ really was just a story.??

This would not matter an ounce to me--- this is why: My eyes have been opened to a world filled with potential undescribable. A world filled with hope as Christ as it's anchor (Ether 12:4) If we all seek to become like Christ imagine this world. It would inevitably be filled with happiness, love, charity (we all know Moroni 7 is my favorite chapter-- READ IT) all about charity and 48 we are introduced to repentence with "energy of heart"

I study the attributes of Christ and I learn more and more the joy that follows. As we turn outward (Mosiah 3:19) and lose ourselves in the light of christ---- remove ourselves from the natural man (which is the enemy to god) (which is funny because he is the one who created us :) hahaha) We can find greater joy "The only life worth living is a life lived for others"

THIS is the role repentence plays in my life. As I strive to become more like my savior I am given an opportunity to be held accountable for all actions that are not inaccordance with actions or behaviors of the savior. As I strive to become more like my savior I can do so by his grace. Repentance is the only path to progression. Call it what you will, repentance, awareness, sadness, sorry, sorrow::: repentance is awareness of ones behaviors and the effects they have on those around you. Repentance is the path to becoming a diciple of christ.

I hope this all makes..... I have really enjoyed studying about Christ. I have so much more to learn. I hope that you all like hearing about it. :) haha.

I have also learned a lot about gifts this week and my purpose as a missionary. We had a special little meeting last week where we talked about spiritual gifts and then went around and each shared

General life::::

My fellow sisters have began to shortify russian words: like unto (totes, adorbes) RUSSIAN: Spacib (means thank you) ---- needless to say this hurts my soul.

We sing called to serve atleast 6 times a week..

I just learned how to spell the word baptism (I still mess up sometimes) (I hope that is right,,,, no spell check in these parts)

After my buffet meal 3 times daily we do some vigorous working out called walking up the stairs and some mean gym time volleyball. My new life aspiration as a volleyball player is looking bright.

I think I am going to start sharing a little snippet about those around me. This week lets talk about Sister Finlayson. She is a gem. I love her. She is a harvard student and makes the rest of us feel like Russian learning fools :) hahaha.
I have been working on winning everyone over with my awkward charm and it has been quite a success. ----- I say some "special" things. I have overtaken the quote board.... (it is more because my new life has become me making a fool of myself in efforts to "win them with my charm" hahahaha just kidding. anyways sister finlayson just loves to repeat what I say, and each times she does it  is with some special breed of country bumpkin accent. She repeats what I have said like a little country lady and I just think it is so FUNNY. She thinks I am country..

TOMORROW IS MY BEST FRIENDS BIRTHDAY. I love her so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHITNEY HAPPY BIRTHDAY I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! If  you know how to get a hold of this woman and tell her how incredible amazing she is! DO IT. I love her. She makes my life worth living. I pray every day tha tyou have the best birthday EVER EVER EVER. I love you so much.

Happy birthday Richard and Zandra bar , cassidy :) (31,29,28)
I am still a birthday master.. without a calender and no sense of time.

I am overwhelmed and I don't feel like I am adeqUATELY expressing myself so I am going to go now :)

I love you. 

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